Mother’s Day is fast approaching and, if you’re struggling for inspiration, a new study has revealed the more unusual gifts we’ve sent to our Mums –  including a sandwich tray, an accordion and a wig!

Data collected by Doodle, a parcel sending company, shows that those living in Manchester and London splash out the most, with the average gift value at £66 and £64 respectively. Gifts included satnavs, ski wear, a watch and a golf bag.

Southerners are almost as generous, spending around £60. Those in the south sent their mums more quirky presents including Banksy prints, a statue, a Versace jacket and a onesie.  

Meanwhile the Scots and those in the Midlands are seemingly the biggest penny pinchers in the UK, spending an average of £43 and £34 respectively on their mums. Mother’s Day gifts included Minnie Mouse soap, a juicer, a book, cushions and sunglasses.

The nation spends an average of £59 and can be rather creative, with the top 10 unusual gifts including:

1.       A guitar

2.       S wooden bird

3.       Lingerie

4.       An accordion

5.       A fancy dress costume

6.       Leather snow shoes

7.       Loud speakers

8.       An outdoor vest/onesie

9.       A wig

10.    Kinky boots