Jennifer Aniston has created the ultimate viral video – although cleverly market as ‘Jen Aniston’s sex tape’, it in fact advertises a brand of water.

A grinning team of internet geeks offer Aniston their advice on how she could increase the appeal of the video.

As a result, the video features plenty of shots of Aniston tossing around her blonde hair and pouting into the camera, as well as dozens of adorable puppies, dancing babies and a fat man crying at a rainbow.

Aniston is then approached by a ginger haired man who tells her he’s been in love with her ‘like forever’.

She kicks him in the groin. ‘Sorry,’ she says. ‘I’ve just been told that’s worth about a 100,000 hits.’

After attempting to drink seductively from a bottle of Smart Water she bursts out laughing.

The video ends with the team deciding on a name for the video – ‘Jen Aniston’s Sex Tape’, suggests one.