Who are the highlights at this week’s show?
We have [former CBeebies presenter turned stand-up] Dan Wright, [comedy MC turned stand-up] Paul Ricketts and top Swedish comedian Fredrik Andersson with his dark, observational humour.

Where was your first show and how did it go?
It was after completing the London Comedy Course in Greenwich. It was a packed audience and I was a little nervous. When I got on stage the lights were so bright I couldn’t see the audience – it was my best gig ever!

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?
Once I was asked by an audience member if I could get her tattoo of her boyfriend removed – he looked like a strange little puppy.  

Who is your favourite stand-up?
Sara Pascoe. She’s a surreal comedian who always make me think and she never does the same set. 

What’s your favourite joke?
From a 10-year-old boy: why is Pinocchio called Pinocchio? Fuck knows! 

Comedy Punch

Broadway House (Brasa), SW6 1BY.
May 1. £5+  
Tube: Fulham Broadway