A user called Frank asked why his complaint to the airline had not yet been dealt with after a month. The cheeky response read “Hi Frank, have you ever heard of giving up? We have a lot of complaints and unfortunately can not process them all within the allocated. Please stop acting like a spoiled brat and grow up. Thanks”

Another amusing response to an enquiry asking when the upcoming cut price sale was planned was answered with “Thanks for your message. No. Don’t be suck a tight ass and pay the full price. It’s cheap anyway.”

One user who tried to change his flight was told his flight had been cancelled. “Are you kidding me! You’ve just cancelled my family’s Gold Coast holiday! Please tell me you are joking.”

%TNT Magazine% jetstar flight
Jetstar, Australia’s most popular budget airline (Getty images)

A post on the genuine Jetstar Australia Facebook ‘Like’ page aimed at helping customers avoid the phoney version confusingly tells users “You can tell if the account is a fake because when you click on their profile, it leads to a different wall.”

“Unfortunately, someone has made a fake Jetstar Facebook and they’ve been impersonating us. We are currently working with Facebook to get this resolved.” wrote a customer service representative.

Not everyone was outraged with the prank – several Facebook users posted their approval of the humourous ‘advice’ “That fake page is better than the real one!!! Still can’t stop laughing about her true responses” said Umair Ahmad.