These hundreds of allegations have come about in the past 10 weeks; Scotland Yard said this amount was “unprecedented”.

The police forces have recorded these crimes in 17 police force areas. 82 per cent of the allegations are from women, eight out of 10 of them were children at the time of the assaults.

From the evidence the police have said that most of Savile’s attacks took place in the 1970s. The police have named the investigations against the former star Operation Yewtree.

There are also other investigations underway, including those against the BBC and Newsnight – who ditched reports on his sexual nature.

Police have questions other stars in relation to their Jimmy Savile case, these include Max Clifford, Freddie Starr, Garry Glitter and Dave Lee Travis.

Head of Scotland Yard Commander Spindler said:  “Once again I want to pay tribute to those who have spoken out and bravely shared their experiences of sexual assault.

“As a result of their collective efforts we have a great opportunity to learn from the past, develop our understanding of sexual exploitation and improve our safeguarding procedures.

“Our response should send a clear warning to anyone today now in a position of power and influence who abuse their status to sexually exploit children and young people – victims will be listened to and robust action taken,” reported the BBC.


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