Police looking to solve the murder of Joanna Yeates, have started an online campaign on Facebook, appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Scott Fulton, the head of e-services for Avon and Somerset police, said:

“Social media is growing rapidly and has become a daily factor in most people’s routine.”

Police investigate Joanna Yeates murder

“On this inquiry alone we have had shares of the story from the force’s Facebook page of 24,220. Additionally there have been over 63,000 views of the news updates on our website, a further 18,000 on the dedicated Jo page and over 70,000 views of the CCTV clips on our YouTube channel.”

The Joanna Yeates Facebook appeal really seems to be helping police in their quest to solve the murder.

Fulton explained: “Through the website we have had 260 inbound messages to the incident room. We have been very pleased with information received via these channels on this investigation and we hope this advert will encourage even more people to come forward.”

Landscape architect Joanna Yeates was found murdered on Christmas Day, December 26 in Bristol. Her killer is still on the loose.