The National Enquirer published details of the alleged affair after the pilot’s ex-boyfriend came forward with the story.

Doug Gotterba, now 60, is not quoted in the article, but is said to have worked for Travolta over a period of six years in the Eighties. His ex-boyfriend Robert Britz told the National Enquirer: “Doug told me right at the beginning of our relationship that he’d had a homosexual relationship with John Travolta in the 1980s.”

The relationship is said to have taken place before the Grease actor’s marriage to Kelly Preston in 1991.

Travolta’s one-time secretary Joan Edwards, who worked with the star from 1978 until 1994, also told the Enquirer: “Of course I knew he [Travolta] was gay. It never bothered me.”

Britz’s claims about the relationship between his ex and Travolta didn’t pull any punches.

“Doug said that he hated sleeping with John because his body was very hairy and he didn’t like they way John smelled,” Britz claimed.

“John would also become very heavy between movies. Doug called him ‘huge’ and said it turned him off.”

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