With memories of Göteborg, Beirut, Sicily and Mozambique fading into one big Negroni-infused blur, the world’s most irreverent airline has rounded up the cabin crew from dimly-lit hotel bars around the globe and rescued the captain from an expensive rehab clinic in Arizona to bring you its most exciting adventure yet – Destination: Andalucia.

With head chef Ollie Templeton returning to the familiar flavours of a childhood spent pouring olive oil on his corn flakes and kicking a tin can around the cobbled streets of a whitewashed pueblo, Destination: Andalucia will fresh-press the brashest, liveliest and most delicious elements of Spain’s most iconic province into a monotony-crushing elixir of sabor, pasión y espíritu.

Diners can look forward to some familiar tropes (the bestubbled, chain-smoking Guardia Civil at passport control, the odd jamón ibérico hanging from the ceiling) but bullfighting and boleros this ain’t. After all, it wouldn’t be a Mile High pop-up without a few surprises thrown in…

When: July 30 – August 9

Where: It’s at a secret London location…

Tickets cost £65. To book, click here

Image credit: Thinkstock