What’s the show about?

I’ll be telling stories, poetry stories, some true, some made-up… lies, you could call them. And some people will be playing music to accompany this.

I will attempt to explain to the people playing music how they should be doing it, despite being musically incompetent and tone deaf myself.

You’re a stand-up poet, give-up guitarist and nihilist – what’s more prominent?

I’ll be standing up and doing poetry, so that’s most prominent to the naked eye.

Giving up being a guitarist is one thing I’ve achieved successfully, and nihilism permeates my work while being invisible and intangible, like the sense of unease in a country church.

What fuels your nihilism?

Young people openly admitting they vote Conservative, the bicycle policies on trains and ice in cider.

What would you change about yourself if you could?

The deep, all-pervading sense of worthlessness that compels me to stand up on stage for the low-grade love of strangers. And my hair is wrong.

Tongue Fu  Rich Mix, E1 6LA. Nov 8. £7. 8pm 
Station | Shoreditch High St