Faisal Hammash, Motaz Al-Junadi and Omar Sami Qaradhi face charges of sexual assault alleged to have taken place at Antrim Forum sports complex between 16 and 20 August. 

The King of Jordan has personally intervened in the case saying, through an official, that assurance have been given to return the three men, who are all members of the Jordanian Paralympics power lifting team, to Coleraine Court should bail be granted. 

“In line with its duties towards its citizens, the embassy provided direct consular support to the three members of the team charged with the offences,” a Jordanian embassy statement has said. 

“A senior diplomat from the embassy attended the hearings this morning at the Magistrates Court in Antrim, and posted bail for the three sportsmen pending their reappearance in Belfast for their trial in October.”

The case has been adjourned while the judge considers the bail applications presented.  

Hammash faces two counts of sexual assault on a child, Motaz Al-Junadi faces one charge of sexual assault, and Omar Sami Qaradhi is charged with three counts of sexual assault and one of voyeurism. 

Photo: Getty.