French Closer magazine (no relation to the UK version) has been ordered that it may not show any more of the topless photographs of Kate Middleton and must hand over all the files in its possession.

Delphine Pando, the lawyer for Closer magazine, claimed that the pictures were not shocking, that the duchess couple be seen clearly from a nearby road and that it was the fuss made by the royal couple that propelled the story to tabloid front pages.

However, the ruling came down in favour of Kate Middleton and Prince William and the French mag was also forced to pay €5,000 (£4,034) in damages to the royal couple as well as €10,000 (£8,070) a day for each day the injunction was not respected, and €100,000 (£80,720) if the photos are sold on.

A separate court case has begun in another French court to investigate claims that the photographer who shot the topless pictures of Kate Middleton while she was on holiday in a private villa in Provence, as well as Closer magazine, breached the privacy of the duchess and Prince William.

Yesterday, the editor in chief of Italian Chi magazine, which also published the topless pictures, hinted that “even more intimate” pictures existed. If such pictures are in circulation, the mag will no longer be legally allowed to print them or publish them on its website or tablet edition.

Today’s ruling only affects the French publisher. However, the editor of the Irish Daily Star, which also printed the images, has been suspended, pending an investigation.

Meanwhile, tycoon Donald Trump has spoken out on the scandal, telling Middleton she only has herself to blame.

“Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing. Come on Kate!” he tweeted.