Expecting a profession of love, as the keen drummer typed his waking words on an iPad, the family, needless to say, were taken aback, The Telegraph reports.

Sam’s dad Martin, 53, said: “We all held our breath the first time he started writing. We thought he would tell us that he loved us – but instead he asked for a KFC. Then we knew we had Sam back.”

Sam, a father of one, from Somerset, slipped into a coma after contracting e.coli and lung disease having undergone two liver transplants.

A tracheotomy left the fried chicken fan unable to talk, which is why he used an iPad to communicate.

Sam said: “I don’t eat many takeaways – but if I do it would be KFC.

“For some reason chicken must have been on my mind – because the first thing I asked for was a KFC chicken burger with gravy.

“Unfortunately I couldn’t eat it because I was too ill.”

Never mind, Sam, the Colonel can wait.