Nachi Fire Festival

Tucked away in the majestic mountains of Wakayama, lies Mount Nachi. In the heat of summer, white-robed priests carry 12 enormous torches of cypress wood up a crest to the 133m Nachi Waterfall.Locals have come to pay homage to the falls and their magical properties since the dawn of Japanese civilisation.

Why: Emperor Jimnu landed on the coast of Nachi and saw a light shining in the mountains. According to legend, this bright light turned out to be the majestic falls of Nachi. Jimnu declared the falls sacred and, in return, the falls sent him Yatagarasu, a crow who could carry messages to the gods. Almost two millennia later, the tradition of paying homage to the falls still remains.

Do it because: The ancient festival is an insight into Japanese culture. Also, according to legend showing the falls your respect may give you luck for the rest of the year.

July 9-15, Wakayama, Japan


Big Game Classic

Fishing for big game or just a cold beer while cruising on the sea, this festival is a perfect mix of competition and calm. Surrounded by a week of parties both on and off shore, The Big Game Classic offers a chance for you and your friends to snag the biggest fish and celebrate on the beach all night.

July 11-15, Hamilton, Bermuda

Int. Folklore festival

Fables, fantasy and fun are wrapped up in this folklore festival. These oral traditions will evoke love loss and a lot of laughter. This is an explosion of rhythm, colour and great food.

July 12-15
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


Benicassim Festival Benicassim, Spain

Sun, sand and skin mix to make this music festival a combination of everything young and fun. With headliner performances by Florence + The Machine, Bob Dylan and The Stone Roses, soaking up the sun and the sounds will make for a smashing party.

July 12-15
Benicassim, Spain

Swamp Soccer

Slosh through mud to score at this world championship. The regular rules of football apply, but the field is a sludgy bog. The games are open to visitors and locals alike as long as they don’t mind being knee-deep in mud.

Ukkohalla, Finland

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