Doves (Heavenly)

After a decade on the margins, a handful of grumpy-looking blokes from the north west of England surprisingly burst into the big time with album number four.

That’s Elbow’s story, but some of the industry suggested it could also be that of Doves.

Kingdom Of Rust arrives with unusually high expectations.

It’s the group’s richest album yet.

There’s more colour in the cheeks of the indie-dance throb of Jetstream and the sprawling title cut than on their previous three records combined.

The expansive production continues on songs as diverse as the melancholy Birds Flew Backwards and the disco-slanted Compulsion.

The problem, aside from the rotten vocals, is that it sounds like a band trying desperately to impress. Previous LP Some Cities didn’t get carried away with its own ambition, which is why it’s their best.

Despite some fine moments, Kingdom Of Rust is the sound of a band throwing a kitchen sink at the Mercury Prize judges, hoping it knocks them out. WILL FULFORD-JONES