A specialist told Crowe, 50, that scans showed he had staved off lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system.

 A large stomach tumour had caused the former New Zealand cricket captain most concern reports Stuff.co.nz

”It’s not technically complete remission, because there is what they call a small carcass of the large tumour kind of lingering, if you like,” Crowe said.
”The result is excellent, and every other lymphoma tumour is back to normal. It was great news because it’s been a rough eight months, and it’s now good to have that behind me. The chemo seemed to be obliterating everything in its path, but you never know.”
Crowe has been warned that it’s possible his tumours could return, but he said he would not dwell on that.

”The way I heal is to revert to positive emotions – like love, compassion and forgiveness.
”When a doctor says to me, on average three to six years is when you’d expect follicular lymphoma to come back, it’s irrelevant to me because I’m not part of the statistics. My view is if I remove negative emotional stress completely, there’s no reason why follicular lymphoma should ever come back.”

Crowe is currently preparing to go on a national tour to promote his memoir Raw, to be launched in Auckland tomorrow evening.

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