“From the start I felt like I had something to prove to myself,” Fox FM DJ Christian said in a statement of his win. 

“That regardless of all that’s happened in the past few months I’m still at the top of my game.”

The award was given by the Austereo network, which owns 2Day FM for whom Christian worked when the call was made last year. 

“To be seen to be rewarding people so soon after such an event, I think, is just in bad taste.” said Stephen Conroy, Australia’s national communications minister.

Christian and fellow DJ Mel Greig were involved in prank call to the King Edward VII hospital last December when the Duchess of Cambridge was being treated for morning sickness.

As a result of the call nurse Jacintha Saldhana committed suicide blaming the two DJs in her suicide note.

The two DJs were taken off the air after the incident. Christian returned to the air earlier this year. Greig is due to appear at an inquest into Saldhana’s death, despite no legal requirement for her to do so.

Photo: Getty.