But one man from the Land Of The Long White Cloud has taken such umbrage to a bit of gentle mocking that he’s attacked an Australian TV station executive responsible for having a laugh at Aussie’s trans-Tasman cousins.

The 44-year-old man, who now lives in Griffith, NSW, (we’ll call him ‘Duck’ – as in ‘but of a duck thet guy’) took major offence at a TV ad for Knockonwood furniture, which featured two birds mimicking a thick New Zealand accent as they talk about “sweet as” and “choice” deals.

Police allege ‘Duck’ abused Knockonwood’s owner over the phone before travelling to the WIN Television offices and demanding to know who cleared the ad. Police say he then assaulted a man from the station’s advertising team.

Paul Pierotti, managing director of Knockonwood’s parent company, the Caesar Group, told media he would not take the ad off air.

There was “no intention” of offending anyone, he said.

“It’s part of the culture of both Australia and New Zealand to poke fun at each other.

“At the end of the day, we wanted to create an ad that cut through and sometimes to do that you have to go for a novelty angle.

“We are really sorry if anyone found that offensive.”

Don’t wurry, Paul. The rist of us rickin ut’s chorce as, eh bro.

Bored1980 posted on YouTube: “Who the hell could find this offensive? Don’t forget, imitation is the highest form of flattery.”

But it was up to fjbutch to leave the comment of the day: “The bloke needs to sprinkle some cement on his cornflakes and harden the F**k up… ”sensitive puppy”…”

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