You either love it or hate it, apparently, but when production of the brown, gloopy spread was suspended last year in Christchurch due to earthquake damage, Marmite fans went apoplectic. 

What would they put on their bread? How would they survive? Quite contently it would seem, as there have been no reported fatalities from the yeast suspension.

But now their worries have ended as production began again last month and today it’s back on the shelves.

Sanitarium general manager Pierre van Heerden said: “It’s been a stressful period for our staff and contractors working on this, especially when the unexpected delays came through

“People outside of Christchurch sometimes don’t realise the impact the earthquakes have had, with buildings still coming down and all.”

While the odd shop got in there earl y and popped their stock on the shelves a day early, most stores stuck to the  agreed on sale date, with allocations limited for the time being until production is back up to normal.

Marmageddon is over!

Image via CC: Supersaiyanplough