The unidentified New Zealand couple settled down by to warm themselves by the fire to sleep to help with the woman’s discomfort.

As they slept, the chimney caught on fire and the resulting smoke woke the man from his sleep.

“The only reason I noticed it was because the paint started bubbling up. I fix cars and do welding so I knew bubbling meant heat,” the unnamed father from the town of Mount Maunganui told The New Zealand Herald.

“If I’d been asleep in the bedroom like normal, there’s no way I would have woken up.”

However, it could be said that if it weren’t for the baby causing pains in the first place, the couple may not have set a fire in their home. Still, we musn’t let that get in the way of a good headline.

The young couple escaped from their home, which was not fitted with smoke alarms, and a few days later their baby, which they named Bayley, was born.