The world’s first triple BMX backflip has been pulled off by New Zealand BMX rider Jed Mildon.

The 24-year-old performed the triple backflip at the Unit T3 Mindtricks BMX Jam in Taupo on Saturday from a purpose-built 20-metre high ramp.

Despite having a dream that he was going to die after the stunt, Mildon landed upright to break the BMX world record for backflips.

“I actually had a dream three months ago that I was going to die soon and I thought this was the day, so I just committed 100 percent and went for [the stunt] and, look, it came out good. Everyone’s smiling, so I’m stoked,” Mildon said.

World’s first BMX triple backflip.


Mildon said he decided to attempt a triple backflip on his BMX five years ago but only began serious training recently.

“I guess it’s only been three months of proper planning for it, trying to fund it, trying to mentally prepare for it, trying to physically prepare for it,” Mildon told ONE News.

The BMX champ spent much of that time practicing the flip into a foam pit and then onto an airbag, in case the trick wasn’t successful.

Mildon said he didn’t underestimate the risk associated with such a difficult stunt.

“There was a lot at stake and a lot at risk so I guess you have to have your calculator out and make sure you do all the equations correct so it all pays off,” he said.

“It’s one big risk but, like most jobs nowadays around New Zealand, before you start your work you do your risk management plan. As long as you’re 100 percent inside your head then it’s looking pretty good.”

Despite admitting to being nervous before performing the BMX triple backflip, Mildon says he now has bigger and better things planned.

“I think you’re going to see pretty crazy things in the near future and I think this is only the beginning,” he said.