The paper obtained results under the Freedom of Information which revealed Kiwis average 72.6 per cent on the test, compared the 97 per cent and up marks from citizenship applicants from Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, France and Switzerland.

Britons are 18th on the list with an average score of 95.6 per cent on the test which covers Aussie culture, history and politics.

To pass the Test, applicants must answer 75 per cent of the 20 questions asked.

Questions in a pool from which the 20 are selected include: What do we remember on Anzac Day? What is the role of the Governor-General? And what are the colours of the Australia Aboriginal flag?


Adelaide University history and politics Associate Professor Paul Sendziuk believes Kiwis may be a bit complacent when taking the exam.

“It is possible that they do not study enough because they feel that they can rely on their background knowledge of Australia, which is a fair-enough assessment given the level of cultural exchange that already exists between Australia and these places,” he told the Advertiser.

“It is also possible that they take the test a bit lightly – knowing that they are likely to achieve a pass mark even without much study.”

The citizenship test has been given since 2009 when it was brought in by the Howard Government.

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