However, that was before he met 50-year-old Jeanette Hopper, who had reportedly been wielding a knife around her home.

The sergeant found a substantial amount of blood around the family home, and under Ms Hopper’s fingernails.

Spotting her frightened family, he decided to take her into custody, but Ms Hopper had other ideas – and bit him.

Speaking to Metro, Prosecutor Richard Posner said: “She sunk her teeth into the ring finger of the officer’s right hand. He slapped the back of her head to seek release from the bite.

“As she moved her head away, the false teeth she was wearing stayed embedded in his finger.”

Steve Thomas, who was defending Ms Hopper, said that local police were used to her, as she had taken a knife to herself many times in the past.

Unfortunately this sergeant had not met her before and he faced a completely different situation,” he said.

The mouthy mum pleaded guilty to common assault on the sergeant but denied affray.

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