The basement of Kodak’s New York property houses more than twisted film and curling photograph- it might as well be called a nuclear reactor. reports that there is 3.5 pounds of enriched uranium, enough demolish entire cities.

This must be common knowledge to the New York officials, right? But no-one knew about the nuclear reactor in the building’s underbelly, neither the cops nor the fire fighters.

Only a few top Kodak execs and White House suits knew about the enriched ingredients for an atomic bomb. Knowledge was intentionally kept vague until it was recently made public by an ex-employee.

While this amount of weapons-grade uranium is not enough to create a nuclear bomb, it would be tempting to illegal arm merchants looking to sell it on the black market. Which is why the United States kept it on a need to know basis.

The reactor was held in a two-foot-thick concrete walled underground bunker in the company’s headquarters. Kodak says that no employees were ever in contact with the reactor. Apparently, it was under the care of three-eyed atomic trolls.

Kodak acquired the reactor in 1974 to check for impurities and other testing, or maybe it was an escape plan. Either way it was dismantled in 2006, perhaps not to tempt the execs who could see that film would be fading away into nostalgia.  

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