So when we saw this video, of some wholesome looking Japanese youths tucking into a nice bowl of slithering toad, we were, to say the least a tad perturbed.

In the clip, a toad bloated in self defense mode, is cut open, skinned, cooked and served to some smiling recipients.

But the real gross out moment comes when the the salt in the meal’s sauce causes the (very) dead frog’s muscles to spasm, making it look as though it’s still alive.

The video has understandably caused some consternation online, with commenters claiming the practise in the clip is cruel.

“This is utterly disgusting… What kind of satisfaction does it give guests of that restaurant to know that the animal they are eating is still cognisant of its surroundings?” said Fred Ferret.

However, as Rob Cross points out: “The frog is dead from the first couple of seconds. In that way its slaughter is completely humane. In essence is no different from eating the ham you’ve got in your fridge… It’s just a lot fresher. People seem to be freaked out by the thing dying in front of you. But this happens in American restaurants with lobster all the time.”

WARNING: This video contains graphic content, and scenes of animal slaughter and should NOT be watched by those of a nervous disposition, or by those who are going to complain hysterically about it afterwards. The frog in the video is DEAD seconds after the first incision.

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