In a recent interview with US TV station Fuse, Erlandson revealed that Cobain “was headed in a direction that was really cool”. The solo album could have been the frontman’s White Album, the guitarist added.

Erlandson, who had a complex relationship with Cobain, also said: “I was really excited about some of the stuff he was working on. I got to see him play it in front of me. That’s why I was really sad when he died. He was cut short. Who knows where this music would have gone.”

The musician also revealed that Cobain recorded a cover of a famous song, but refused to say which one it was. “There is one cover… I won’t say what it is. I don’t own the stuff. I just hope that one day it will be released for fans.”

However, Erlandson hinted: “It’s just so heartbreaking… It’s a very sweet, just touching song.”

He also said about releasing the final work of Nirvana’s lead singer, who died aged 27: “I’m not in control of things. I just wish something would come together. I think the fans would be a lot happier. If nobody ever hears those songs, except for like three people, then that’s the way it goes.”

Not giving too much away, Erlandson added: “I heard some talk about somebody putting together some raw, rough acoustic thing.”

Cobain was married to Courtney Love, the lead singer of the American alternative rock band Hole. Nirvana’s last album Live at Reading was released in 2009.

Earlier this month, Erlandson released his book Letters To Kurt, where he talks about the death of his friend Cobain.

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