We’re all used to stories about six-year-olds getting their PHDs, or four-year-olds who’ve developed a cure for the common cold during wet playtime, but there is one kind of precocious child that is even more depressing than the child prodigy.

We’re talking about the practically precocious child, you know, the 10-year-old who runs a marathon a week, or the eight-year-old who’s paddled round the world in a dingy. Because unlike the genius kid, whose superiority we can attribute away to better genetics, their skill is attainable.

Now, we don’t wish to depress you on a Monday morning, but we’re about to show you a video of a practically precious child who gives new meaning to that phrase ‘early starter’.

The child in question is Jonas, he’s not yet even one year old, and he can do chin-ups. Got that? This child, who is younger than some of the things in your fringe, can do actual chin ups.