Kylie: Aphrodite – album review

In a market glutted with sassy pop mavens, we expected Kylie to pull out all the stops.

Cue instead lots of winsomely euphoric dance tunes, each sounding as generic as the next. Even her more daring moments, such as the Lady Gaga-aping title track and R’n’B-ish Too Much, are smothered by high-gloss synths and Kylie’s breathy, helium-sucking vocals. It’s the aural equivalent to being force-fed pink fairy floss.

Bucking this saccharine trend is stand-out track Better Than Today, which is built around a muscular guitar line that contrasts pleasingly with Kylie’s girlish trills of “What’s the point of living if you don’t want to dance?” (easily the album’s best line).

But overall, sadly, the result is a not-so-mighty Aphrodite.


Review: Alison Grinter