Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s Labor Party election speech has been criticised by Opposition leader Tony Abbott as polling day on 21st looms.

Gillard’s election campaign launch in Brisbane outlined the Labor party’s key goals, focusing on jobs, education, welfare and broadband. However, Abbott has accused the current PM of failing to outline a clear economic strategy.

“Yes we will move forward with confidence and optimism,” said Gillard in her Obama-esque election speech.

“Yes we will keep our economy growing stronger day by day. Yes we will offer people the benefits and dignity of work. Yes we will transform our education system so every child gets the benefit of a great education.”

Welsh-born Labor leader Gillard continued: “We emerged from this downturn stronger than the rest of the world. That’s a fantastic opportunity but to seize this opportunity we’ve got to have strong management, we’ve got to have proper plans for the future and I have them.”

Liberal party leader, Tony Abbott, has been quick to voice his thoughts on Gillard’s address.

“There was absolutely no economic plan in there and we saw earlier today evidence that Labor has no real economic plan, no real economic credibility,” said Abbott.

“We saw nothing whatsoever from the Prime Minister in terms of an economic plan, in terms of a coherent attempt to overcome the debt and deficit problem now bedevilling our country.”

Gillard had some scathing words for Abbott during her Labor party speech. In particular, she mocked Abbott’s promise to personally advise naval commanders on whether to turn back boats carrying hundreds of Afghans and Sri Lankans seeking asylum to the country’s north.

“What Mr Abbott wants that commander to do is take their eyes off the safety of the crew… (and) go inside and give him a call. That’s Mr Abbott’s plans to stop the boats,” said Gillard.

“And then presumably from the safety of Kirribilli (the prime ministerial residence on Sydney Harbour) as he watches luxury yachts go by, Mr Abbott is going to provide some advice to that commander about how to stop the boats.

“Friends, this is a nonsense and every Australian will see through it I’m sure.”

A survey by Newspoll put Labor ahead of the conservative coalition led by the Liberal Party with 52% of voters’ support – a four point lead over the opposition.

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