Several Lib Dem MPs have already asked questions about the appropriateness of Barlow being awarded the honour last weekend when he had not paid the full rate of tax.

PM David Cameron has responded by saying that he will not give a “running commentary” on the tax affairs of celebrities, despite weighing in to the debate earlier in the week to denounce Carr’s actions as “morally wrong”.

Jimmy Carr has apologised for his “terrible error of judgement” over investing large sums of his money in tax avoidance scheme K2.

He said on Twitter earlier on Thursday that: “I met with a financial advisor and he said to me ‘Do you want to pay less tax? It’s totally legal’ I said ‘ Yes’.

“Although I have been advised the K2 Tax scheme is totally legal, and has been fully disclosed to HMRC, I am no longer involved in it and will in future conduct my financial affairs much more responsibly.”

Photo: Getty.