Lady Gaga has dredged up controversy again by waving an Irish Tricolour flag during a concert in Belfast. An earlier stunt in which she bit the head off a Barbie was, disappointingly for Gaga, not nearly so headline-grabbing.

Gaga angered many of her fans during a Halloween concert in the Northern Irish city of Belfast when she whipped out the green, orange and white Irish flag. A former Lord Mayor of Belfast labelled the gimmick “wrong”.

One Gaga fan who attended the gig at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena told the Belfast Telegraph:

“It was about two-thirds of the way through the show when she came out on stage with the Irish Tricolour.

“A lot of people were not impressed and there was a bit of unease in the crowd.

“Some people were making comments and others challenging them.

“It didn’t spill over but I certainly think the atmosphere suffered after that as a result.”

Another said: “I just felt it was inappropriate, but maybe she didn’t realise Northern Ireland is separate from the Republic.”

10,000 fans turned up for Gaga’s Halloween show, part of her Monster Ball tour, and listened to hits such as Just Dance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Telephone and Bad Romance.

Other Gaga tricks and treats included the singer biting the head off a Barbie doll, covering herself in fake blood and sending a Halloween Tweet saying:

“For Halloween I’m going to be…a little monster!!!! I love you all so much! Celebrate yourself!”

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– Frankie Mullin