In an appearance on CBS This Morning Oprah said her sitdown with Armstrong, who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles for drug cheating throughout his career, was the “the biggest interview I’ve ever done”.

The first part of the interview will go to air at 2am on Friday (London time) on Oprah’s OWN network.

Oprah was “satisfied” and “riveted by some of his answers” during their two and a half hour interview.

“I would say he didn’t come clean in the manner I expected,” Oprah said. 

Oprah believed the public scrutiny had become so great that Armstrong, who had stayed quiet since he was banned for life from cycling by the UCI, and that “he was just ready”.

The interview took place after Armstrong visited his Livestrong cancer charity offices in Austin where it was reported he made an emotional apology to staff.

The Wall Street journal has reported that in another surprise month, Armstrong went to Denver last month to meet with Travis Tygart at the US Anti-Doping Agency in a bid to lessen his lifetime ban.

It was the USADA’s report which stated Armstrong was behind the “most sophisticated doping program on the planet”, which was ratified by world cycling’s governing body.

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