The whole trajectory sweeps upward and you ride high on the magic of charting your own course in life. Then reality sets in. From your twenties until your early forties you work hard at your job. You expected accomplishments, praise and riches. Instead you get mundane drudgery, criticism and you barely get by financially. Suddenly you realize that you are not fulfilled at all by the work you do and you have another twenty or more years to go. You start to wonder if this is all there is and, in that instant your mid-life crisis begins. The truth is it’s not a crisis at all. This is your mid-life awakening.

Hire an Amazing Life Coach

Once you’ve reached that point where you know that you want to change it’s important to get the guidance and help that you need. A great life coach can help you discover what you really want to do with your life and help launch you on your new path. The mid-life awakening is really a time when the rote directions of society and all the ‘shoulds’ fade away. The calling of your soul comes forth, and the true you begins to emerge. When you work with a life coach, they can help guide you along the path of your mid-life awakening. In a way they are like the guides that led pioneers along the trails from the settled East to the untamed West. As you awaken, as you truly crave a new life where you are fulfilled and the song of your soul is sung. Your coach can help map your new trail and reach the new land you seek.

Reduce Your Monthly Expenses

If you truly want to give yourself the freedom to follow your new path, you need to substantially lower your monthly expenses. This gives you the financial freedom to pursue your dreams. You no longer have to work endless hours at a job that is shredding your spirit. Instead, you can create a new venture where you make money doing what you love. Many individuals who reach this mid-life moment also have a child or children who just graduated from college. If you took out a Parent PLUS loan to help pay for college, you should spend time researching available loan forgiveness programs. There are programs specifically designed to address Parent PLUS student loan forgiveness but they have very specific criteria that must be followed exactly if you are to get financial relief.

Surround Yourself with Mentors and Cheerleaders

When you dare to follow your dream and walk a new path in life, you’ll be amazed at the range of reactions out there. Many will tell you it can’t or should not be done. People will wonder if you’ve lost your mind because you are daring enough to walk your own unique path. You are going against all the societal norms. During this time of change you are really birthing a tender, beautiful dream. You must take care to only share the dream with people who will be your ardent supporters and who will be there every step of the way to cheer you on. It’s critical that you surround yourself with advisers and mentors who can illuminate your path and be there to encourage you along the way.