Today you can notice the presence of Vampires in almost every single aspect of the contemporary culture. For instance, Immortal Romance slot, an online casino game is an excellent example of how Vampires have made their way into every popular entertainment medium today. If you’re keen on learning more about Immortal Romance slot game, you can read up on it here. Let’s learn why have Vampires have gained so much popularity in the modern-day culture.

Reasons behind popularity of Vampires in the contemporary culture

–  The cultural outlets serve as viable platforms for exploration of this theme which involves eternal, limitless and pure desire. It allows for such exploration without any absurdities resulting from plotting of that theme in a real world setting, for example, a man who is obsessed about cheese with raisins over everything else!

–  People are fascinated by the idea of some of them being something other than what they generally appear to be. You’d commonly notice how detection and discovery of vampires plays an important role in movie plot lines, often grabbing majority of viewers’ attention.

–  As vampires are projected as beings that don’t have a problem with social disapproval, they are often looked up to by teenagers as role models.

–  Vampires are shown as ‘hard to get’ when they’re with women and embody chivalry, an old world ideal in a plausible manner. However, because they are fundamentally different from all of us, people relish watching their strategies as they can simultaneously distance themselves from these beings.

–  A lot of popularity enjoyed by vampires is also to do with the fact that while everyone can love stories involving ghost, demons, zombies etc., that never means that they’d like to be a ghost, demon or zombie someday. But when they see something about a vampire, for instance, Coppola’s Dracula or Interview with the Vampire, that’s completely different and relatable! It’s about a creature that looks like any common person around. S/he has a social life, has fun, meddles around with others in human society, attends social gatherings etc. But yet, that individual is immortal and will stay eternally young!

– On another note, they’re so popular is because they’ve gone from being grotesque and feared during the ancient times to being fascinating, gorgeous and sexy today.

On the whole, as has been aptly put by Erin Collopy, the reason why vampires have gained so much popularity, especially in the contemporary culture is because they work as a highly effective metaphor for people’s own desires and anxieties. It’s not uncommon for people to try working things out about themselves through these creatures.