The Department of Work and Pensions believed that 60-something-year-old Robert Punter didn’t have a leg to stand on when it came to the driver claiming disability payments but they were wrong – dead wrong. 

The former driver, who had his leg amputated back in January took the governmental department to court – and won. 

Sure, you might think it utterly ridiculous that the DWP would be worrying about what’s going on below the belt of a man in his twilight years, but they do. Apparently they thought that Mr Punter had made his whole ‘leg amputation’ story up and was really just a dole-bludging drug acting hidden away in a council estate somewhere. 

According to the UK’s Daily Telegraph, Mr Punter was more than a little upset about being accused of benefits fraud. Particularly because he had been using the payments to try and overcome his recent disability having worked full-time for the last 47 years. 

Needless to say the shoe was rather on the other foot come court day. The DWP’s representatives didn’t even have any evidence to substantiate their outrageous charges against Mr Punter and the case was thrown out within five minutes. 

How does it feel to be punted by a man with one leg? Ask the DWP..

Image: Facebook