Whilst operators try to introduce a range of different slots to keep it varied, many of these new games hold similar features, popular amongst users today. These include: 

  • Compatibility with mobile devices 
  • High variance slots
  • Slots with a high RTP
  • Re-playable, attention grabbing slots

Online casinos want slots that offer all the popular features as well as something different that grabs the attention of the players. 

Operators, including those at up and coming Casino Gorilla (https://www.casinogorilla.com/fi/parhaat-nettikasinot/) look for slots that are exciting for their users to play, whilst also being rewarding enough to help retain their current customers. In addition to this, these slots also have to generate income for the casino itself, helping them to keep on operating.

Below is a list with just some of the many reasons slot machines are so popular:  

Popular Amongst Players 

Whilst slots are excellent money makers for the house, they can also offer players a fair shot with the game too. 

Slots are a game very much down to chance, however they’re designed so that those who play them can have a chance at winning the money. This makes them popular amongst a variety of different players, with no skill or strategy necessary to play. 

Generate Income for the House 

As previously mentioned, slots also generate income for the casino, not just because of their popularity amongst online casino goers, but also due to their design – developed through programmed software to favour the house. 

Slots must legally hold an RTP rate of at least 80%, however, due to the fierce competition, many online houses have higher RTP rates to attract players (some ranging in the 90s). 

Even with these high RTP rates, popular slots also guarantee profits for the operators, meaning they’ll still gain income whilst also providing competitive rates for players to enjoy.  

They Rely on Luck   

People do get lucky when playing casino games, however, people very rarely get lucky without also having some failures. This can be good for business, making them a popular game for many operators to invest in. 

However, the luck involved in this game is also what attracts many players. The outcome of slot machines is down to chance – not the skills of the players or their strategies.  The slots all boil down to luck, not only making the game accessible to a range of different players, but also adding a thrill to the gambling experience.