Facebook-owned Instagram now lets you add 11 filters to customise a 15-second snippet of footage.

“What we did to photos we just did to video,” said Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom at the launch event on yesterday at Facebook’s Silicon Valley headquarters.

The move is designed to help Facebook compete with a similar short video service called Vine, which has become a huge hit since it was launched by Twitter in January.

“Vine is like fast food, while Instagram video is more like eating in a nicer restaurant,” said analyst Jan Dawson. Because nice restaurants have mood lighting and pretentious ways of saying things. Valencia is just a fancy way of saying ‘washed out’, right?

Instagram allows you to delete and reshoot a bad take whereas Vine gets the footage out au natural.

In addition to the special effects filters the new Instagram service also includes image stabilisation.

We all know Instagrammers are over-zealous perfectionists.

So now you really can capture every moment of life (15 seconds at a time) – the possibilities to really piss off your friends are endless.

Image: Getty