41-year-old, Jaime Neil and his 20-year-old accomplice were allegedly drunk and high on stolen prescription medicine when they decided to rob an off-license and gas station in the United Kingdom. 

In an inebriated state and in their haste to rob the service station the two men grabbed the nearest things available that they thought might obscure their identities from the security cameras. For the 20-year-old Gareth Tilley it was a scarf, for Neil however it was, bizarrely, a clear plastic bag.

As if that wasn’t stupid enough, Neil tried to pretend his mobile phone was a gun, which seemed to be going alright for him until it started to ring and gave the game away somewhat.

When the phone rang, the female cashier managed to hit the alarm. Neil subsequently head-butted the cashier and, along with Tilley, grabbed a number of bottles of booze before running away.

Neil’s useless disguise backfired – of course, and he was arrested two days later after being recognised by an off-duty police officer while walking in the street.

The 41-year-old was sentenced to two years prison overnight for the robbery which occurred earlier in the year. You can watch Neil’s useless attempt at robbery in the video below.

Image: Getty