While some lots – such as the 1948 Olympic torch – are going for thousands, you could find yourself with an original score card for a mere snip. For some, the chance to own the boxing gloves that genuinely housed the sweaty mitts of Irish legend Katie Taylor will be worth every penny.

There was a minor outcry when volunteers at Danny Boyle’s spectacular Olympic Opening Ceremony began selling their costumes and props on eBay. However, now the grown-ups are doing it too and an official auction page has been created on the London 2012 website.

Granted, few items are as inspiring the bottled air and mouldy cheese sandwiches currently being sold on eBay as Olympic souvenirs, but there are still some crackers.

Sherlock Wenlock, the much-disparaged Olympic mascot, was going for a lowly £521 at the time of writing.

Pricier, but admittedly more classy, the genuine 1948 Olympic torch is for sale at a hefty £14,000. The torch was used at the London’s second Games, the first since the celebrations were stopped for World War II.

Popular items include the actual basketball used in the London 2012 gold medal game, a shirt signed by Chris Hoy and a discus hurled across the London 2012 athletics field.

You can also snap up costumes from the opening ceremony, judges’ score sheets and oodles of used sporting equipment.

Locog has approved the Official London 2012 Auction Site which will go some way towards paying the organising committee’s share of the £2 billion cost of staging the Games.

If you want to own an Olympic beach volleyball net or score-sheets from the controversial badminton match, visit the auction site and get bidding at memorabilia.london2012.com.

 Want Katie Taylor’s boxing gloves? Bid for them here.