An initial 3,000 extra tickets for the London 2012 Olympics were up for grabs last night after they were reclaimed from accredited members of the Games. These tickets have now been sold, but Logoc says more will go on sale on a daily basis.

There was a backlash after swathes of empty seating was seen during popular Olympic events. Many of these seats were allocated to international federations whose dignitaries failed to turn up for events. Others were public seats that were unsold after being allocated to foreign countries.

Locog has now begun reclaiming unwanted tickets and has said it will make them available to the public.

“We’re doing this session by session, talking to accredited groups, including broadcast media, to find out whether tickets can released for the different sessions to the public pot,” said communications director Jackie Brock-Doyle.

The 3,000 tickets that went on sale last night – 600 of which were for gymnastics, 700 for beach volleyball and 100 for swimming – were instantly bought.

If you haven’t got tickets yet and are keen to go, keep your eye on the official London 2012 website. (

Here’s what people on Twitter are saying about the ticketing fiasco.

“Empty seats? I know so many people who applied for #London2012#Olympics tickets and didn’t get them – the Olympic family is dysfunctional,” tweeted Tony Parsons.

“Funny that LOCOG are having ticket touts arrested when they’re actually working harder than THEY are to get Olympic tickets to the public,” tweeted Dai Lama.

“Olympics events where the big-wigs take tickets, but don’t show. Kids should be allowed to turn up on spec, and be given the empty seats,” said Andrew Brooks.

In more Olympics ticketing woes, London 2012 organisers were criticised after friends and families of competitors missed their events due to queues and confusion. Logoc has promised to overhaul the system.

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