With this gold medal, London 2012 becomes New Zealand’s most successful Olympics since Los Angeles in 1984.

Olivia Powrie and Jo Aleh were hailed as clear winners of this morning’s race, seeing off Britain’s pair, Saskia Clark and Hannah Mills.

Powrie and Aleh were guaranteed either a gold or silver and the pair had stated their aim of toppingt the podium.

In the event, the Kiwis took a clear lead in today’s sailing race, winning against the Brits with apparent ease.

Here’s some stuff about New Zealand sailing team Olivia Powrie and Jo Aleh:

  • Jo Aleh and Olivia “Polly” Powrie won today’s gold medal in a boat called Muppet
  • The sailing pair are often known as Team Jolly (Jo + Polly)
  • Aleh and Powrie won both of the Sail for Gold regattas in Weymouth
  • They won the world 420 world championships in 2007