Pearson could break the gold medal curse that seems to be hanging over Australia this Olympics and hopes are up after she won the heat in 12.57 seconds.

World number one Pearson is now focused on preparing for tomorrow night’s final.

“I was really, really nervous,” Pearson said after the 100m hurdles. “I am glad it is out of the way and now I can move on.”

Pearson said that she didn’t initially realise she has broken a record for fastest heat time.

“I didn’t even realise until I went through the mixed zone that it was the fastest heat time at the Olympics,”she said.

However the Australian sports star said she was remaining cautious.

“I know these girls are right on my tail, they want to catch me. I just have to try and stay calm and run through the races by myself,” she said.

Pearson’srivals in tomorrow’s 100, hurdles final will be Americans Lolo Jones, Kellie Wells and Dawn Harper, the defending champion, and Great Britain’s Tiffany Porter.

Australia will be keeping its fingers crossed for a gold from Pearson who appears to have regained her form after a surprise loss at her final before the Games at last month’s London Grand Prix.

Pearson injured her back in a tumble during the warm-up before that event but after three weeks of solid training she proved today that she is ready for London 2012.

At the 2008 Summer Olympics, Parson won the silver medal in the 100m hurdles with a time of 12.64s.



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