Kevin Coakley gambled £1 in a Cardiff branch of the bookmakers. He is now using highly authentic Youtube evidence to back up his claim that a UFO almost certainly flew over the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday night.

All is not lost though as William Hill has said it is waiting for official confirmation from Prime Minister David Cameron who must decree whether or not a UFO made a London 2012 appearance.

Although he did not watch the ceremony himself, Cockley was vindicated in his gamble when he discovered the proliferation of evidence for extraterrestrial Olympic activity on Youtube.

The site contains countless clips from various news channels showing definitively that a UFO flew over Danny Boyle’s Olympic opening show.

However, according to Walesonline, Coakley is being refused payment until an official explanation from either Cameron or US President Barack Obama is given.

Coakley said: “The staff in the shop seemed to have a lot of sympathy for me as they were looking at the footage on their mobile phones.”

But a William Hill spokesman said: “The conditions of all bets that we take are that there has to be an independent adjudicator to confirm the result before we pay out.

“In the event of an extraterrestrial sighting, the confirmation has to come from either the British Prime Minister or the US President, who will confirm that their respective air forces have spotted and recorded this current and intelligent life in the sky.

“So, sadly for Mr Coakley and others who have made the same bet, until Mr Cameron or Mr Obama make such an announcement we are unable to pay out.”

So unfair!

Here are some clips of UFOs at the Olympic opening ceremony:



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