The local councils are reportedly concerned that the more bins there are the more rubbish they will attract, including both commercial and residential waste which are supposed to be collected directly from the business or the home.

“Both types of ‘abuse’ waste can fill litter bins very quickly as they tend to be full bags rather than ‘on-the-go’ litter,” a report for the council states.

A successful trial of the council’s new plan was conducted around the bustling, commercial centre of Earl’s Court Road found that the street did not become “noticeably messier”.

Kensington and Chelsea council have also rebuffed suggestions that the removal of bins is a cost saving measure, highlighting the £60,000 they will be spending on bins in busier areas. 

A council spokesman said: “The impact of our policy is being closely monitored. We remain committed to being the cleanest borough in London.”

Less bins will result in less disposable waste? Sounds like a load of rubbish frankly.