That’s right, a five ft by 12 ft walk-in CUPBOARD.

It’s a new low. And what do you get for your hard earned? Not much…

“This baggage store is perfect for those who are seeking some additional space,” the Rightmove listing explains.

“The storage cupboard is a good size, perfect for a pushchair or pieces of furniture.”

Quilliam Property Services is handling the sale and they expect there to be a lot of interest in the space, which is in the Brentford Dock Estate, beside the Thames in south west London.

“People use them as airing cupboards, or to store suitcases or bicycles or memorabilia – things like photographs which they don’t want to throw away but which they don’t have room for at home,” sales negotiator Jordan Williams told the Standard. “Everybody likes a bit of extra storage.”

Quilliam Property Services aren’t content with selling just the one cupboard, oh no; they have another one listed on Rightmove, also for £7,500.

It’s described as “dry, secure and is just a short walk away from the elevator”.


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