The Pullan family from Delhi have overcome predudice in their home country

Couple Roseturai and Mani Pullan, who wed in 1983 and have a large albino family, told The Sun “Our parents thought it best we marry as we were ‘the same’. In South India we were told if you marry a person with albinism it signals good luck and riches.”

So far this hasn’t worked out for the family, who are accused by locals in Delhi of being ‘angrez’ – English. Roseturai, the father of the family said “It’s hard for people to understand we’re born and bred Indian.”

The Pullans were treated as outsiders in their former home in the south of India.

But the family have high hopes and are optimistic that the Guinness World Records recognition will bring them some fortune and fame. Currently they are poor and live in a cramped home with the debilitating addition of poor eyesight, a common problem for albino people.

See the video from The Sun/Tanzeel Ur Rehman below