London Fashion Week is in full swing so London tech lovers, Silicon Roundabout Social Club, have put together their list of the best apps for fashionistas for us. No need to say thanks.


Lyst lets you follow your favourite designers, magazines, boutiques and bloggers so you can see what items are inspiring them. You can also add items from around the site to your own Lyst to share them with your followers. When you follow someone, their items and updates appear straight in your ‘stylefeed’.For London Fashion Week, Lyst has introduced a live runway tracker, so you can see the brand new collections as they are shown, track your favourite pieces and Lyst will tell you as soon as they're in stock in any store worldwide. It’s like having a front row seat from your desk.


How do you remember your favourite pieces from the hundreds of dresses, shoes and designers? Addpiks lets you take a picture of the item, annotate it with price, store and brand and then put it into a Scrapbook. You can also share with friends and even set a reminder for yourself to nudge you when out shopping.

Closet Swap

?Closet Swap is a new way for friends to discover and share clothes. Upload pictures to create an online closet, browse your friends' closets and request to borrow things rather than buying in to disposable fashion. The app launches next month at and on iPhone.


LOOKK provides a platform for young designers to enter the market, allowing them to showcase their designs to a community of fashion-lovers, all of whom have the opportunity to feedback on what they love and directly influence the items that are produced for sale within the LOOKK webshop.