A fiend with a fetish for toe-sucking has been accused of assaulting one woman and offending another in Arkansas.

Police are hunting the man after receiving two complaints from women in Conway in the past week.

One victim, Ruth Harris, 83, was sitting in front of her apartment last Saturday when a man approached, said he liked her feet, took off one of her shoes and started sucking her toe.

The police report said: "The man then asked if he could kiss her and she had told him no and told him he was crazy." After which, the man fled.

On Tuesday, a woman complained to police that a man had approached her while out shopping and had told her that "her toes are so long and succulent" and that he wanted to suck them.

The man left when the woman's mobile phone rang. The woman told police that the man had "messed up toes".

This is the second time that Conway has dealt with a toe-sucking pervert. In the 1990s, "Toe Suck Fairy" Michael Robert Wyatt pretended to be a podiatrist to suck a woman's toes at a clothes shop. He was given a fine, ordered to receive therapy and was given probation – which was later revoked after he was arrested in another town on similar charges.

He was eventually sentenced to four years in jail after threatening a store clerk, telling her he wanted to cut off her feet and suck her toes as she bled to death.

Wyatt only served one year in jail. Police are keeping an open mind that the current fiend could be the same man.