The baggy boys who said they would never reunite and put their pasts behind them (mostly monkey man Ian Brown and six-string partner John Squire, who had been at each other’s throats since the mid-Nineties) did exactly that last year and got the band back together. They toured far and wide, from Manchester to Tokyo, digging in to a crate of solid gold classics from their self-titled 1989 debut and its fan-dividing follow up, The Second Coming. 

She Bangs The Drums, Waterfall, I Wanna Be Adored, hell, even Ten Storey Love Song soared across festival fields and stadiums last year as Brown, Squire, Mani and Reni made many a grown man cry. This week, they’re out for your salty tears once more. You’ll most likely see Brown strut like a simian and dance from one foot to another in a godlike take on the squaddie two-step. Squire will beaver away, head down. Bassist Mani will make Primal Scream even more jealous he left them to return to the Roses. And drummer Reni will pound away at the back as the least appreciated member of the group, and maybe in a silly hat, too. 

If you missed out on a piece of history last year, don’t be a fool again – get down while they are still mad for it. If you don’t succeed, you can always watch their comeback in movie Made Of Stone

Finsbury Park, Seven Sisters Rd, N4 2NQ
June 7 & 8 | Doors at 6pm |  £43+   
Tube | Finsbury Park

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