The annual No Trousers Tube Ride saw around 100 Londoners shed their kecks to take part yesterday.

No Trousers Tube Ride participants met at Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square at 3pm before heading into Charing Cross Tube Station. They then made their way onto the front carriage of a northbound Bakerloo train where they then removed their trousers.

The trouserless bunch then travelled on the Bakerloo Line from Charing Cross to Padddington, and back, with many reading newspapers and magazines in silence, much to the bemusement of fellow tube travellers.

If asked, those taking part were instructed to tell fellow commuters that they had forgotten their trousers.

This was the second Annual No Trousers Tube Ride in London. Last year’s ride attracted 30 Londoners.

Organisers claim that stunt is to promote more silliness in the world and give people something to smile about.

The event also took place simultaneously in other cities including New York and  Zurich, where trouserless people were seen riding trams.

The No Trousers event started life in New York as the No Pants Subway ride in 2002, but is now a worldwide event.

Watch what happened in the No Trousers Tube Ride 2011.