The FA Cup incident in which Jamie Mackie’s leg was broken at Blackburn on Saturday is being investigated by the Football Association.

Queens Park Rangers lost the Third Round match 1-0, but the game at Ewood Park was overshadowed by an ugly exchange involving Blackburn Rovers’ Senegal striker El-Hadji Diouf.

Mackie sustained a double fracture in a clash with defender Gael Givet, then announced through a post on his Twitter account that he was subject to an attack from Diouf.

Mackie, a Scottish striker, posted that Diouf attacked him while he was lying on the pitch in agony.

“Proper disappointed that Diouf was in my ear while aim [I am] on the deck with a broken leg saying f**k u and f**k your leg thanks,” Mackie tweeted.

No apology has been forthcoming from Diouf , but Rovers boss Steve Kean did wish Mackie a “speedy recovery”, London Evening Standard reported.

Kean’s QPR counterpart Neil Warnock said Diouf was “the gutter type”, after the game, adding: “I was going to call him a sewer rat but that might be insulting to sewer rats.”

Diouf’s snipe is believed to have prompted scuffles between the players in the tunnel at full-time.

Mackie’s teammates retaliated via their Twitter accounts.

Defender Clint Hill tweeted: “That **** will get what’s coming to him!!!! Sewer rat pretty much sums that **** right up!!!!”

Bradley Orr tweeted: “Never comes across a more repulsive human being than E H Diouf! The things he was saying were disgusting! The lad has just broke his leg! You horrible disgusting man E H Diouf! Your time will come!”

Goalkeeper Paddy Kenny tweeted his support by saying: “So gutted for the boy Mackie, football can be horrible sometimes, and that **** diouf will get it one day, what goes around comes around.”

Mackie tweeted again, thanking his teammates for their support.

The FA is waiting to see referee Peter Walton’s match report before deciding on a course of action.